Scripture: Matthew 10:9-23

This is the third Sunday after Pentecost. It is also the first day of summer and it is Father’s Day.  We also celebrate our Confirmands! And we give thanks for and wish blessings upon Pastor Amy and her family as they worship with us this last time before her new appointment begins.

Pentecost invites us to bring life to anything and everything that we do as the people in worship. The Son who rose from the dead sent us a Spirit to bring us life abundant. Let the colors of summer and new life in Christ be green and growing, sparkling with life and energy and joy. Let the liturgy speak of the glories of summer, give thanks for trees and warmth and for rain and growing things of all kinds. Celebrate the laughter of children and the refreshment of cold drinks on a hot day. Let summer be the language by which we praise God today and all summer long.  Keep church in summer!